ASP Gate Gear - Developed and Designed for Racers by Racers!

Who We Are

ASP is a U.S. based manufacturer of semi-custom carbon arm and shin gate protection guards, which were developed and tested by World Cup athletes from the U.S. Ski Team and are providing a new benchmark in the category for form, fit and function.

The ASP design and development team has more than three decades of alpine race-specific product and service experience - not only as racers, but as World Cup service technicians working directly with elite athletes and their coaches. Additionally, this team is also recognized by the ski industry for their on-going product and service education programs.

What We Do

Based in Stowe, VT (and Park City, UT), Alpine Shield Protection was conceived and launched with the mission to explore the need for better arm and shin gate protection. To guide us in this objective, World Cup athletes from the U.S. Ski Team were enlisted to evaluate current designs, specifically to pinpoint areas that needed improvement. During that research it was determined that ‘fit’, ‘stability’ and ‘shock absorption/comfort’ were high on their list of specifications that could and should be improved. As a direct result of these elite athletes’ input, the ASP guard design, development and testing program went forward.

Over the course of two-plus years of analysis, prototyping and testing, three areas of specification improvement were established for the ASP team to achieve:

1) Offer more fitting options to adapt to the variability in anatomical shapes and sizes

2) Improve the impact-stability for arm and shin guards to reduce contact displacement

3) Provide increased shock absorption and comfort, especially for long training sessions

With ‘hands-on’ direction from our U.S. Ski Team athlete-testers, these three specification goals were met for both ASP arm and shin guards, which are both made in the USA and are now available in limited quantities for additional alpine athletes to use as well.

Recently named an Official Supplier to the U.S. Ski Team and, though in our rookie year, ASP already has several top-ten World Cup results and some of the new young-guns on the circuit.

Why We Do It

Alpine racing equipment, especially protective gear, must withstand the constant punishment of both training and competition. While doing so, these products must meet the highest levels of form, fit and function. With these objectives in mind, during the past two years ASP has engaged current US Ski Team World Cup athletes to become actively involved in the design and testing of all of its guards. The result of these uncompromising racers’ requirements for performance and durability has been a range of semi-custom arm and shin guards that set a new benchmark in protection and comfort and are proudly made in the USA.